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The landfill regulatory law is very extensive and requires appropriate action from our customers, the waste producers, as well. One focus of this site is therefore to provide information and assistance to our customers.

Information to citizens on all aspects of waste management in the Leipzig region is already available on the Homepage of the Joint Disposal Service Management Union Zweckverbandes Abfallwirtschaft Westsachsen.

Environmentally Responsible Business

Through the tasks accomplished at the Central Landfill in Cröbern (ZDC) and the Bio-Mechanical Waste Treatment System (MBA), we take responsibility for the environmentally compatible and legally compliant disposal of waste from our customers. The MBA permits us to obtain a high recycling rate of both domestic and industrial waste and makes a valuable contribution to climate protection. The landfill is essential for dumping harmful substances even in an effective recycling economy. The commitment to the environment that we have as landfill operators does not stop when operation ends, but rather extends far into the future. We are also responsible for sufficient post-closure care!

WEV is a company of the ZAW (Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Westsachsen). The ZAW pools the waste management of the city of Leipzig and the county of Leipzig.

Our Main Areas of Activity

  • The ZDC for the disposal of highly contaminating, inorganic, mineral refuses (DK III)
  • The MBA for recycling household and bulky trash, industrial waste and much more
  • Closure and post-closure care for the Seehausen landfill
  • Closure and post-closure care for the Groitzsch-Wischstauden landfill